Live Lit – The Confidence Kit Thank You

In this kit are the same tools successful women use to tackle each day with excitement and excellence.

And I want to help you dominate these same practices as a daughter of the Most High God.

Let’s get lit and live loud for the right reasons. You were bought with a price for a purpose, and more than anyone else in this world, you have been called to conquer each day with the Good News of Christ.

Time to brush off the dust from whatever past you’ve walked through, and start being that women who lets your light so shine – that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven.

This action-packed course is now available for access!

When you register, you’ll be signed up for all 9 lessons, and be able to download the complete workbook immediately. You’ll  view all modules and media right away, so you can go at your own pace;


Once you join, you’ll instantly receive:

  • 9 Lessons and Exercises that teach you the steps to cultivate a confident mindset
  • 3 Video Case Studies where we study how women in the Bible were able to overcome fear and press into their calling.
  • The Complete Confidence Kit Workbook to download and work through at your own pace
  • All 7 Days of #TheConfidenceCure email course for effective confident speaking strategies
  • Daily Email Reminders with Audio Lessons to Listen On-The-Go


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