Hello gorgeous! I'm Robyn-Ann, and I help virtuous women prioritize their purpose and put their calling back on their to-do list.


Because I believe Christian millennials should lead the way with passion and diligence when God puts a creative idea on their heart to serve a broken generation.

Women Who Finish Mentorship and Coaching

But I know walking as the head and not the tail can be easier said than done. Especially when walking alone.

Like you, I wasn't born confident and crystal clear on what I was supposed to do with my life. So I've made quite a few detours and mistakes myself. And even after getting saved, I still spent many years in church living bored, bound up, and broke... because I didn't know how to take God's plans for my life seriously.

As someone who has overcome a porn addiction, lukewarm living, hundreds of thousands in debt, and a dead-end career -  I know what it's like to feel stuck and wondering whether the promises in the Bible would ever manifest for me.

However, I also learned that I have to be desperate enough to take daily action, if I truly want things to change. Because someday never becomes, so I can only choose to make progress today.

Inside my signature #WomenWhoFinish coaching program, I show you how to put works to your faith. And I share the exact methods I used to overcome procrastination & perfectionism.

Once we begin, you'll receive:

Women Who Finish Bullet PointWeekly one-on-one calls to clarify your goals & breakdown what to focus on
Women Who Finish Bullet PointDaily check-ins when needed, to keep you on track
Women Who Finish Bullet PointAn invitation to the private Facebook Accountability Group
Women Who Finish Bullet PointMy WOMEN WHO FINISH devotional print shipped to you


Because only you can prioritize your purpose.

Your church, job, or family cannot do that for you.

Imagine finally granting yourself permission to obsess over your dreams, and setting up the right boundaries and processes to get what you want out of life....

Well, today you can move from imagination to action.

It's time to eliminate your excuses and maximize the ways God made you to shine best. Click the link below to schedule a "Free Introductory Call" to get things going. I can't wait to chat!

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