30for30 Playlist

Hey family, my friend Gayon and I challenged ourselves to complete a #30for30Checklist – or 30 unashamed tasks for our 30th birthday. Some will be easy, some will be hard – but we’re inviting you on the journey to keep us accountable and cheer us on. You can subscribe to our weekly progress updates here on Youtube.

Grace will be the #1 ingredient in this, so we want to be transparent to encourage many of our peers to jump into all that God is calling you to do and be. Let’s be known for what we do as Christians, not just for what we don’t do.

Gayon’s List Below:

1 Do the 10-week Financial Peace University program
2 Apply to Masters program in Entrepreneurship at UF.
3 Plan a vacation with close friends.
4 Play 10 matches of tennis.
5 Launch my personal blog on singleness.
6 Complete a devotional on purity.
7 Launch a podcast on purity
8 Have 10 quality moments with my brothers.
9 Speak at 5 venues on purity with Robyn.
10 Lose 30 lbs by completing Whole 30 program.
11 Read 3 books on wealth.
12 Create a vision magazine.
13 Memorize 30 core life scripture passages.
14 Have 3 counseling sessions.
15 Simplify my work wardrobe to 10 outfits.
16 Change my hair color.
17 Create a Generosity portfolio.
18 Create a family asset and liabilities document.
19 Read 5 professional development books.
20 See a show on Broadway.
21 Create a facebook group for my family.
22 Have 2 new photo sessions.
23 Reach out to 5 celebrities.
24 Try out 10 new restaurants in Broward or Miami.
25 Create a praise dance.
27 Do 3 Karaoke songs.
28 Create a personal brand and logo.
29 Take 3 retreats.
30 Get a caucasian male mentor at my job.



My List Below:

1 Design personal logo
2 Launch blog & vision
3 Do 30for30 vlog with Gayon
4 Get biz mentor/coach
5 Publish eBook or devotional
6 Visit Jamaica
7 Visit Disney
8 Take spontaneous roadtrip
9 Experiment with hair color
10 Memorize 30 core verses
11 Read Bible in 90 days
12 Record spoken word piece
13 Book 3 speaking events w/ Gayon
14 Read 3 books on Wealth
15 Host an art event
16 Host a beach event
17 Plan wedding under $5K
18 Payoff all credit card debt
19 Start salsa or dance classes
20 Do 10 creative photo shoots
21 Learn 4 chords on guitar
22 Write a full song 4 guitar
23 Create a fun music video
24 Get back on FB with purpose
25 Complete a 3 year profit plan
26 Build 6 month emergency savings
27 Start monthly stock investment
28 Plan a BDay/Purpose Party
29 Regain core and visible abs
30 Become 50% fluent in Spanish



Thanks so much for sharing this journey with us! Be sure to subscribe and watch our weekly Youtube videos on our progress here.