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Living Forgiven, Fearless, & Free in Christ, and inviting you on the journey ūüôā

Hi lionheart (yes, that’s you).

I’m so excited that you stopped in to share this journey with me!

So I’m Robyn-Ann, your cheerleader in faith and fearlessness, and I want to share some insight on my heart for this website. I launched the UNCAGED brand on my 29th birthday as part of my #30for30Checklist¬†(30 unashamed acts to complete before I turn 30 yrs old) and it has been a fun and humbling ride!

As a Christian, it can be so easy to become known for what we don’t do – rather than what we are doing. So I wanted to break out of that mold and dive headfirst into all God was calling me to be.¬†I figured it was time to meet this lioness I was being transformed into, in preparation for our marriage to The Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

Still, my passion for seeing women live free in purpose, pleasure, and purity made me know this adventure wasn’t going to be solo.

After struggling with porn, self-righteousness, and no purpose throughout high school and college –¬†I¬†asked¬†God to show me real tools that can trump real temptations in the real world. And I can definitely say He’s equipped me to walk out the past 9 years in freedom and passion.

You and I were left here together to make a united impact on our culture.¬†God didn’t save us to tame us, so let’s¬†discover our gifts and shamelessly give them away. They aren’t ours to hold onto anyway!

As we pounce¬†into the Scriptures together each week, let’s¬†decide once and for all that God is not a liar. We are who He says we are, and we refuse to be bullied by our fleeting culture.

If we take for granted what we’re saved for, we’ll only return to the very cages we were saved from.
And ain’t nobody got time to waste Jesus’ precious blood like that. Let’s roar!


Other Random Faves:
– dark chocolate (healthier than milk choc)
– new magazines (prettier than books :-D)
– timeless fashion (never goes out of style)
– & Proverbs 28:1 (“the righteous are bold as lions”)

Living Forgiven, Fearless, & Free.

Live Uncaged.

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See you around the Lion’s Den.

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