Looking for a saved, savvy speaker? I'm Robyn-Ann, and I help virtuous women prioritize their purpose & empower young adults to dominate their calling with excellence.


Because I believe Christian millennials should lead the way with passion and diligence when God puts a creative idea on their heart to serve a broken generation.

Robyn-Ann Long



As someone who has overcome a porn addiction, lukewarm living, hundreds of thousands in debt, and a dead-end career -  I know what it's like to feel stuck and wondering whether the promises in the Bible would ever manifest for me.

But prioritizing one's purpose is the quickest way to lasting peace, pleasure, and provision in Christ. And intentional living is something every individual has to choose for themselves - bosses, pastors, parents, or God Himself cannot make that decision for us.

In this session I break down:

  • the simple definition of purpose
  • what happens when it's ignored
  • myths that keep us confused or complacent
  • and easy ways to put your calling back on your to-do list immediately



How to Wow, War, and Win with Purity. In this teaching, I share the exciting truths that switch young adults from a draining defensive lifestyle of purity (focusing on what you CANNOT do) to making powerful offensive moves in their purpose (realizing what you CAN do in freedom). 

I also expose many other purity myths keeping believers from enjoying the fearless friendship with God that they're craving. Because knowing the author of pleasure (God Himself) is not an adventure to pass up!


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