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I Did It On Purpose – 12 Day Challenge (eBook)


I DID IT ON PURPOSE (12 Day Devotional Workbook)

Because if you’re not doing things on purpose, you’re doing them by accident – and ain’t nobody got time for that! 🙂

Jesus did not save you on layaway sis. You were bought with a price for a purpose.

I created this extended challenge for those serious about walking in godly confidence everyday. No matter your season or situation, God has spoken clearly on how to conduct yourself based on your kingdom identity and mission.


I’ve been there, where I felt so close to God in Sunday church yet so disconnected at Monday’s work. Since then, I’ve learned to let God’s words transform my circumstance, instead of letting my circumstance cloud God’s words to me.

Jesus didn’t save you to tame you, and Christianity is not a safe cage to box you into boredom. The culture is yours to impact.

So let’s take up the Word and do it on purpose.

Kick confusion to the curb and download this power-packed devotional today!

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