arrow-free-png-imageEntering another year feeling stuck & frustrated with where you are?
arrow-free-png-imageTired of being sabotaged by perfectionism & her cousin procrastination?
arrow-free-png-imageFinding it hard to focus on one thing long enough to make real progress?
arrow-free-png-imageReady to do whatever it takes to get SOMETHING, anything on your important to-do list done?
Then it’s time to join other women who are getting focused and getting finished with their life goals and projects.


Which is exactly why I created the WOMEN WHO FINISH program.



TO GET THINGS  done-text


WOMEN WHO FINISH is a comprehensive 4-part program, layered with proven strategies and accountability to ensure you get clear on your plans, and take action until they’re completed.

Not only do you get immediate support to ask me anything, but you also receive:
Women Who Finish Bullet PointThe Women Who Finish devotional print shipped to you
Women Who Finish Bullet PointThe Women Who Finish workshop modules
Women Who Finish Bullet PointInvitation to the private Facebook Accountability Group
Women Who Finish Bullet PointWeekly Mastermind calls with me to keep you on track
Women Who Finish Bullet PointMultiple bonuses such as the "Get Disciplined Or Die Tryin'" workbook.

You also keep lifetime access to the Women Who Finish course modules! That way you can apply the same mindset and methods to accomplishing your goals over and over, in every season of your life going forward.

For those ready to work, it's the full fail-proof package.

So if you're finally done with "looking busy" and ready to get truly productive, you can sign up today for 75% off the standard price.

Women Who Finish Bullet Point

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"Before working with Robyn-Ann, I was feeling stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated. I didn't know where to begin with the many to-do lists in my head so I did nothing. Even though I was buying courses, they would just sit in Dropbox untouched.

Women Who Finish helped me focus on one area of my life at a time so I could start making progress in my passions & purpose. My biggest realization was how slowing down and focusing on one thing at a time, instead of trying to do everything at once, actually allows me to accomplish way more!" 

Karine M.

God has done everything in His power to ensure you finish strong, so it’s time to lose the excuses and find all the results that are waiting for you in His sufficient grace.

Let’s kick procrastination and perfectionism to the curb and get what we came for in 2017.

What Makes This Program Unique?

Because I’ll show you what it takes to actually get things done, in practice not theory. The 4-part approach used guarantees you don’t compromise and waste another day on things that don’t produce any passion or progress.

1We tackle the MINDSET

Before the workshop even kicks off, we ship you the "WOMEN WHO FINISH" devotional book, which includes 40 days of affirmations and challenges to get your head in the game. You'll also receive the eBook download instantly, so you can begin renewing your mind right away - to focus on what matters. This package alone is valued at $37 in the store.

2We teach you the METHODS.

Each module consists of video webinars to show you the strategies I used to dominate each season and come out with results instead of regret. Worksheets are also attached for each course lesson, so you can move from inspiration to actual implementation in the areas of your life that do not line up. All 7 module replays will be available for lifetime access so you can refer back to the tools year after year.

3You're supported in the MASTERMIND.

We know these feelings don't always remain on cloud 9, so I've also created a private Facebook group community where you can get encouraged by women on the same page as you. It makes no sense beating yourself up on those low days that will come, but that's why successful women keep themselves accountable to others. Because emotions fade, but results are forever.

4I coach you via the MENTORSHIP calls.

And to top it all off, I'll be doing a live private Google Hangout each week to check on your progress and answer any questions you have. I've built websites, branded businesses, self-published books, paid off $400k in debt, and so many other life experiences - that I'm sure we can tackle any challenges and find whatever resources are needed. Let's go!

What You'll Learn..

  • GET WHAT YOU CAME FOR - In Module 1, we explore your authentic desires and what you really want more than anything else. Pinpointing your God-given passions and motivations ensures that you harness the excitement God wired into you alone, which is necessary for breaking out of your comfort zone and enjoying the process of discipline that gets you to DONE!


  • ON TO THE NEXT ONE - In the following webinar, we work to identify the straightest path to your goal and establish where you should start now to complete your first task. This way, you build up the momentum necessary to catapult you into the other action steps.


  • I WOKE UP LIKE THIS – Here we restructure and streamline your routine to create ease and efficiency in executing your daily benchmarks. Establishing a clear mental and physical space is the key to producing results and maintain a high-performance lifestyle – where you can wake up already knowing what to do, instead of worrying about how to get going.


  • YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US – For Module 4, you then plan and prioritize the tasks essential to reaching your end goal, and learn how to guard them with your life… or just a calendar. Because if you don’t schedule it, it doesn’t exist – and “it” (your precious end-goal and purpose) becomes easy game for procrastination and perfectionism to prey on and befriend. But they are not our friends, right?! Right. So they can’t sit with us.


  • THESE FEELINGS AIN’T LOYAL – We also solidify the relationships and circles that need to be put in place to safeguard your progress from the feelings of doubt and quitting that WILL come. Successful women don’t wait for those emotions to sneak up on them and then act surprised, but surround themselves with the right network and accountability to ensure failure is not an option. Because feelings will fade, but results are forever.


  • AS WELL AS 3 OTHER MODULES for processing through challenges, sharing your creations, and celebrating small wins. Because confident women know that resistance can be used to sharpen their resourcefulness and fuel them to the finish line, instead of caving in to excuses. Once you sign up to the WOMEN WHO FINISH program, I can guarantee you that it doesn’t get easier, but you get better.


  • + BONUS COURSE: How To Compromise Proof Your Life


You’ll also get access to the private FB accountability group that will only be shared with equally driven women, who are ready to cheer you on and call you on your bluffs. And don’t forget the weekly Q&A calls with me for increased clarity and confidence.

Ready to crush your next big goal once & for all?

Yep, for today only, you can get started for 75% off.

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Who is This Program For?


This program is for you if you’re ready to:

Women Who Finish Bullet PointKick guilt to the curb & go from just knowing what to do, to actually doing it

Women Who Finish Bullet PointTake God seriously and start combining works with the faith you confess on Sundays

Women Who Finish Bullet PointEmbrace both strategy and support to keep you accountable to finish what you start

Women Who Finish Bullet PointGet beyond inspiration and get in the habit of implementing & respecting your ideas

Women Who Finish Bullet PointWork smarter and savvier, and not just look busy again for another year

Women Who Finish Bullet PointDefine your own success, instead of what others think you should be doing

Women Who Finish Bullet PointSetup proper boundaries to stop settling & keep the promises you make to yourself

Women Who Finish Bullet PointBreak down large goals into clear & specific action steps that actually move you forward & stop wasting time working on the wrong things


This program is not for you if:

Women Who Finish Bullet PointYou’re just looking for more theory and not committed to getting your hands dirty right now

Women Who Finish Bullet PointYou’re okay with your comfort zone and complacent lifestyle, until perfect comes along

Women Who Finish Bullet PointYou aren’t ready to change your routine and make sacrifices to gain the things that actually matter to you

Because if you don’t change anything, then nothing changes.

There’s no magic to this beloved, just focused and fearless action to stop talking and start doing what it takes to achieve lasting goals.
IMAGINE TRANSFORMING FROM being stuck in the same place year after year and never having enough time TO being known for getting things done, and waking up with excitement & clarity on how to achieve what matters to you.
And yes, this is all possible lionheart.
Because this is why Jesus died and conquered your sin for you to freely have. The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy your passion and progress, but Christ came that you might have life and life to the FULL. – John 10:10
I’ll show you how to re-discover the joy and drive God gave you to persist in your purpose and arrive at the visions and dreams He’s placed on your heart.

Because I Understand The Struggle..

Trust me, I too have been where you are.

I would come home from work every evening already bombarded by tasks for church or family – or crashing at home on those rare nights off, with just enough energy to surf the internet or surf the channels.

And of course, I always had plans to “do it tomorrow” or “next week” – but December 31st would come around with nothing to show but disappointing resolutions and a few false starts. I was masking my depression, but it showed in my lack of confidence and lukewarm living. Then a couple years ago, I got hit by a brick and realized I was turning 30. So to prevent another ten years from flying by with tons of inspiration but NO IMPLEMENTATION - I made up my mind to research and do whatever it takes to fail-proof my goals.


That’s when I mastered the mindset and methods that every successful person uses to commit to their dreams without apology. After learning how to pursue the things that mattered to me, I was able to focus on finishing tasks which allowed me to pay off over $400K in debt, start my thriving business & quit my draining 9-5.


You can do this, I can help. Let’s finish strong.
Enroll in WOMEN WHO FINISH today for just $27 per month.

*For answers to any additional questions, feel free to email hi [at] and I’ll respond within 24 hours.

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