• Your Sex Drive Doesn’t Need A Test Drive

    Your Sex Drive Doesn’t Need A Test Drive

    Your sex drive does not need a test drive. Unless competing for best sex in the city, constantly putting your private parts up for audition will not get you a role in the movie of Love. Our culture would have us believe that the best relationships are built on instan...
  • Beauty Is Not Enough

    Beauty Is Not Enough

    “The Lord God made all sorts of trees grow up from the ground—trees that were beautiful and that produced delicious fruit.” – Genesis 2:9  Ladies, God is the giver of external and internal beauty. Both are to be valued and stewarded as unto the Lord. Focusing on one wi...
  • Uncage Yourself

    Uncage Yourself

    Lionhearts, it’s time to uncage yourself.  We are the ones set free by redemption yet often allow the culture to corner us into a fearful bubble, especially when it comes to being pure in heart and body. Purity is a worthy pursuit, for not only do we reap the benefit...



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